About Us
From humble beginnings to decades long legacy. Bijoux Marsan was born in 1981 at a small workshop in Montreal, Canada. The workshop itself was nothing groundbreaking. However, it taught us one thing more important than any piece of jewellery we’ve ever made; 
‘The power of experience.’ 
What would life be without experiences? That one workshop on that one fateful day unlocked a desire to make jewellery a lifelong experience. For both ourselves and every one of our customers. 
Over the past four decades, we have created more pieces than we can count, but with each one comes a unique experience. Bijoux Marsan pieces are like snowflakes or grains of sand - no two are ever the same. Each piece is made to invoke feelings of elegance, desire, temptation. We want you to walk away feeling like your wishes have been fulfilled. 
Our legacy stands as a jewellery brand committed to creating pieces that celebrate life and its many milestones, its many adventures, and of course, its many unpredictable experiences. 
Bijoux Marsan has been in business for 40 years. Four decades of success, four decades of the finest pieces of jewellery, and four decades of unrivaled customer service. Our brand is built on more than just our jewellery. It is built on our customers who have become friends, and friends that have become generations. We’re more than just a store. We are truly a lifelong experience.